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We understand Australia's farming and agriculture industry and the need for reliable standby power in remote & off-grid communities. Reliable standby power can be the difference between continuing operation or losing out on your precious produce in an unexpected weather event

Helping Australia’s Farming & Agriculture Industry Stay Online, Always.

Losing access to power can be devastating to your Farm or Agricultural operation. With unreliable access to the grid in rural areas, major weather events pose significant risk and can leave you without power for hours or even days on end - leading to potentially crippling losses.

Whether your farm produces fresh fruit & vegetables, grain and crops or livestock, a reliable standby power supply is essential to the security and longevity of your operation.

Our team will help provide the right advice and tailor an off-grid standby power solution to protect your bottom line should grid power fail.

Standby Generators to Keep your Operation Running, No Matter What

Keep your agricultural investments safe from load shedding, blackouts and brownouts with a customised standby power solution from Blue Diamond.

We supply a wide range of reliable, compact and efficient standby generators. All from leading brands and designed to handle the tough conditions found in Australia’s rural and remote regions.

We work with you to fully understand the requirements of your operation, ensuring we offer the right equipment at a fair price. We can deliver and set up quickly with major operations in Perth, Melbourne & Brisbane.

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Protect Your Bottom Line With a Standby Power Solution from Blue Diamond

With years of experience servicing Australia’s off-grid farm & agriculture operations, you can rely on us to provide the right advice and a standby power solution tailored to your unique requirements. Get in touch with our expert team today.

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