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At Blue Diamond, we have been supplying screw compressors to industries Australia-wide for more than 30+ years, establishing ourselves as a reputable and trustworthy supplier. Our wide range of screw air compressors are suited for a range of commercial & industrial applications where medium to large air flow is needed. We supply rotary screw air compressors in MelbournePerth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Australia wide. With service agents Australia wide and sales and service offices in Perth and Melbourne, we can deliver the right screw air compressor to your location.

Benefits of Blue Diamond’s Screw Compressor Range;

  • Built for Industrial Use; all our screw compressors are picked from trusted brands that have proven themselves in demanding commercial & industrial environments.
  • Reliable & Efficient; made from premium parts & components, our screw compressors are reliable & fuel efficient. Delivering you fuel savings & longevity.
  • Air Compressor Service & Support; Blue Diamond Machinery offers 24/7 Australia wide compressor support, servicing, preventative maintenance, and repair services across Australia.
  • Generous Warranties; we offer Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire screw compressor range.


At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the air compressors we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire compressor range.


It's important to ensure you select the right Air Compressor for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647

What Are Screw Compressors Used For?

Generally, screw air compressors are installed when large volumes of high-pressure air are required in commercial and industrial applications or where high-power air tools are used (such as construction sites). Some of the most common industries that utilise the screw compressor are food packaging factories and automated manufacturing systems. This model provides a good fit for these industries as they can withstand variations in the demand for pressurised air and are known for providing a continuous, steady load. Whereas piston compressors are generally better suited for smaller scale operations and residential use.

Are Screw Compressors and Rotary Screw Compressor the same?

Yes! A two names for the same machine – the Screw Air Compressors, Rotary Screw Air Compressors refer all to the same piece of equipment.

Why Are They Called Screw/Rotary Screw Compressor?

The compressor is referred to as a 'screw' or 'rotary screw' air compressor because of the machine's mechanisms that compress the air. Technically speaking, a rotary-screw compressor uses two very closely meshing helical screws, known as rotors, to compress the air. The rotary screw traps the air between two meshed rotors and reduces its volume as it moves down through the rotors; this volume reduction results in compressed air. So, you can see why the names 'screw air compressor' and 'rotary-screw air compressor' describe this machine.

Why Are Screw Air Compressors So Popular for Industrial Operations?

There is a range of reasons the screw compressors remain a popular choice for small to medium-size industrial operations, because of their capability with: 1. Withstanding demanding commercial and industrial environments Remaining robust and reliable even in taxing industrial settings; 2. due to the high-quality components, parts and materials of which they contain Providing high-quality pressurized air even in touch with climatic conditions, such as those found throughout Australia. 3. Small to medium-sized operations still look for some of the same features a residential buyer may look for; in that, they seek something compact, efficient, reliable, and quiet but with more agility in response to increasing loads and duty cycles. The screw air compressor is typically a portable compression system. These models are typically mounted on trailers and often referred to as construction compressors due to their prevalent use in Australia's construction industry.

Are Screw Compressors Usually Portable?

Rotary screw air compressors are typically a portable compression system. These models are typically mounted on trailers and often referred to as construction compressors due to their prevalent use in Australia's construction industry.