FG Wilson Generators

FG Wilson Generators: Safe, Quiet & Reliable Power 

Powered by world-renowned Perkins engines, FG Wilson generators guarantee excellent performance and fuel economy. All generator sets come with a list of features to ensure a long, reliable working life and simple daily operation and maintenance. 

FG Wilson generators come with a full range of plug and play digital, automatic and synchronising control panel systems. The user friendly digital control panel allows for monitoring and control of your genset with ease, providing important diagnostic information at a glance while ensuring safe operation. 

The gensets intelligent Load Transfer Panels constantly monitor mains electricity supply and will respond immediately if they detect an outage, overvoltage or loss of phase. The fast acting switches reduce transfer times between utility power and the generator, minimising downtime on your site. The range also feature sound attenuated enclosures and internally mounted exhaust silencers, making them suitable for residential projects, events and other noise sensitive power needs.  

Built For Australian Industry 

FG Wilson generators are designed with industrial users in mind. All generators come fitted with a galvanised steel enclosure and fabricated steel base frame, ensuring maximum durability and corrosion resistance in the harshest Australian conditions. 

Prime Power Applications 

  • Construction sites: Powering up construction equipment with a continuous power supply when grid access is unavailable or too weak to power your site all day long.  
  • Telecommunications networks: Ideal for providing reliable prime power for remote telecom mast sites across Australia.  

Standby Power Applications 

  • Data Centres: Providing a continuous source of backup power to ensure uninterrupted electrical power and continuous cooling of computer rooms in a blackout.  
  • Hospitals: The generator’s automatic transfer switch and fast load response ensures the safety of your patients during a power outage.  
  • Manufacturing: Keeping your operations up and running, your employees safe and production lines moving to ensure you deliver on your commitments.  

All Models Come with the Following 

  • Perkins engines 
  • Leroy Somer alternators 
  • Double bunded tank 
  • Com AP MRS 16 controller below 300kVA 
  • 300kVA and above come factory fitted with a Com Ap IG 200 controller setup for synchronisation 
  • Lockable doors 
  • 4 pole breaker 
  • Lockable breaker 
  • Weather resistant enclosures 
  • EUV and Australian compliance 
  • Fuel optimised offering 
  • 3 way fuel valve 
  • Fuel/water separator 
  • Battery isolator switch 
  • Breaker terminal extensions 
  • Base feet 
  • M.E.N link 
  • 50Hz / 60Hz switchable 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do You Offer Warranties & Servicing For FG Wilson Generators?

    FG Wilson generators are covered by a 3 year/1500 hour prime or standby warranty. Blue Diamond Machinery also offers 24/7 Australia wide servicing and support across our entire FG Wilson Generator range.

  • Can I Customise My FG Wilson Generator?

    Blue Diamond Machinery can customise your FG Wilson generator to suit any application. Customisation options include:

    • Mine site specifications
    • Industrial, residential and critical silencers
    • Narrow, wide or skid base
    • Dual wall fuel tanks
    • Fuel level shutdown alarms
    • Single point lift
    • Coolant heater
  • What Are The Recommended Service Intervals Of FG Wilson Generators?
    FG Wilson generator sets typically require service intervals every 500 hours. Minor services and major services are at every 1000 hours. Blue Diamond Machinery offer tailored servicing and maintenance plans to ensure optimal performance of your generator fleet.
  • How Efficient Are FG Wilson Generators?
    FG Wison generators operate with the most modern and fuel-efficient engines available. Blue Diamond Machinery can also package our diesel generators with hybrid and renewable technology such as our POWR2 battery energy storage unit. This significantly reduces maintenance, fuel consumption and noise while extending generator lifespan.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Buying An FG Wilson Generator?
    FG Wilson generators are built with premium components to the highest standards and rigorously tested to ensure maximum durability and performance. The result is world-class quality generators that are safe, reliable and well-suited to any operating environment.
  • Are FG Wilson Generators Loud?
    FG Wilson generators come fitted with internally mounted exhaust silencers and offer 3 levels of sound attenuating enclosures to meet local noise regulations. This ensures you can select the enclosure that best suits your operating volume requirements.
  • Can You Synchronise Two Or More FG Wilson Generators?
    Yes. FG Wilson’s inteliGen 200 generator set controller is capable of synchronising up to 32 generator sets. Blue Diamond Machinery can customise generator synchronisation on any work-site that needs two or more generators for reliable, continuous power. This means power loads are more evenly distributed to accommodate fluctuating demands while ensuring zero down-time during individual generator maintenance. As a result, worksites experience efficient, steady power and a more productive worksite.