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3 Phase Generators

3 Phase Diesel Generators for Sale 


Supplied to construction, industrial, mining & commercial industries throughout the country, our 3-phase generator range has been tried & tested where it matters most. Blue Diamond’s 3 phase diesel generators feature tough build quality exclusively designed to handle tough Australian conditions. Our range of three phase generators are advisable for use in industries and situations where more intensive and constant power is required From 10kVa to 500+kVa – our range caters to all industry applications where 3 phase power is integral. Easily integrated into your business operations, our 3 phase generators will provide a reliable, efficient and effective power source.


Our range of 3 Phase Diesel Generators are the perfect solution to those who require prime power and standby power solutions for large commercial, professional, and industrial applications. Our range of three phase generators are advisable for use in industries and situations where more intensive and constant power is required. From leading brands such as DenyoKubota, and Perkins.  Our diesel standby generator range are built tough and built to handle Australian conditions. After years of supplying to Australia’s mining, construction, and trade industries, we only stock diesel generators that are quality, reliable and well-built. We have over 30+ years of industry experience and stock leading generator brands at the best price possible, saving you time and money.

Benefits of our 3 Phase Diesel Generator range;

  • Perfect for Industrial & Commercial Use- Consistent and reliable power are both essential when powering large scale operations like Mine Sites, Hospitals, Construction Sites and Commercial Offices. Which is why our 3 phase diesel generators have large fuel tanks well suited to consistent and extended high output run times.
  • Silent & Compact- Our 3-phase diesel generator range include many models with super quiet and fully enclosed sound proof canopies, allowing them to produce consistent power with a stealthy presence. Perfect for use in urban or populated areas for a wide variety of applications.
  • Applicable for Backup & Standby Use- Our 3-phase generator range has the added benefit of true three phase output. This means you can connect both single phase and three phase appliances to the one generator. Making them both applicable to larger loads found on job sites and perfect as a standby or backup generator for your home or office building.
  • Leading Brands- we stock leading brands like cumminsdenyokubotaperkins & more. So you know when you buy from us, you are getting quality.

Blue Diamond Machinery supply a range of 3 phase diesel generators to professionals in the field Australia-wide, from 3 Phase Diesel Generators for Sale Melbourne3 Phase Diesel Generators PerthSydneyBrisbane, Adelaide.

3 Phase Generator FAQ's

What is a 3 Phase Generator?

Three-phase generators are ideal for individuals and commercial businesses looking for efficient, reliable power generation at a low cost. They are purchased for home and recreational use and worksites, due to the continuous, interrupted stream of power produced at a high voltage, to read more about how they work, read our guide on 3 phase generators. The key features of the three-phase generators are 1) several models are equipped with fully enclosed soundproof canopies making the noise output very low, 2) the generators have true 3-phase output which means they can connect both single phase and three phase appliances to the one generator, making them useable for larger loads found on job sites and perfect as a standby or backup generator for your home or office building 3) models are available from 5.8kVa to 1100kVa and are reliable, efficient and effective as a power source. For more information, or to speak with our expert team, please contact Blue Diamond on 1300 998 647.

Why Choose a 3 Phase Generator?

Selecting a 3-phase generator is guided by several factors. These factors include operation considerations & applications. The first is the operational considerations; the 3-phase generator provides a continuous, un-interrupted stream of power due to three separate waves of AC power. The operation of these waves, in a sequential manner, means the power level never wains, as it can with a single-phase generator. This consistent power level is a significant benefit of this model in addition to safety, efficiency and affordability in the long run. Our range of 3-phase generators range dramatically in size and output. From the 5.8KVa Portable Diesel 3-Phase Generator, used for residential/home use, food/coffee vans, to the considerable 1100KVA Diesel 3-Phase Generator, used in large scale industrial operations such as hospitals, construction and mining. Suppose you are unsure which generator is best; in that case, our professional generator sales team are ready to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you choose the right standby generator to meet your needs.

What is the Difference Between 3 Phase and Single Phase?

A generators power supply system can be one of two types: single or three phases. Single-phase creates a circuit using two wires, called the conductor and the neutral. With the current carried by the 'conductor' and the return, path facilitated by the 'neutral'. This type of generator is used to power smaller appliances with a max voltage of 240V. In comparison, the three-phase has four wires, three conductors and one neutral, positioned 120º apart. In a three-phase system, continuous power connects in a star or delta configuration. The star connection is used for long-distance transmission, while the delta connection does not use the neutral wire. The three-phase generators are used as a power supply to larger applications such as industrial sites, factories, or manufacturing. For more information, please contact our expert team on, 1300 998 647.

What Size 3 Phase Generator Do I Need?

Determining the size of the 3-phase generator for your needs can be based on either applications or a formula. First, we will discuss models via application. Starting with the 11KVA - 30KVA size generators, suitable for industrial and commercial applications for prime power or standby/back-up power. The second group are up to 550KVA and best suited to job sites, industrial machinery, commercial or farming applications. Lastly, the 550KVA+ models used as emergency power sources for critical equipment in hospitals, industries where refrigeration is required, and construction and mining operations.

Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing & Support?

At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the Generators we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Support, generator servicing and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire 3 Phase Diesel Generator range. It's important to ensure you select the right 3 Phase Diesel Generator for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647