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Energy Storage Systems

Energy Storage Systems for Australia’s Construction and Mining Industries

Renewable Energy Battery Storage Systems 

Blue Diamond Machinery is dedicated to the transition towards an emission-free future for construction and mining sites. Our range of innovative solutions for alternative energy output provides a sustainable alternative to lower emissions and optimise energy storage. Our selection of energy storage systems can help construction and mining sites: 

  • Avoid CO2 and noise emissions 
  • Reduce overall fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • Save on refuelling and operation costs  

Using OPzV and Lithium-ion deep cycle batteries, our range offers between 10KVA to 60KVA power output in a mobile battery power bank solution. Energy storage systems can either run as a stand-alone model or as a hybrid system packaged with Tier 4 diesel generators, hydrogen generators, solar systems or electrical grids.

With a focus on sustainability, our energy storage product range guarantees highly efficient, stable operation paired with secure and quality power. Running from solar, ESS batteries are fully charged to manage and coordinate energy supply for a wide range of construction and mining applications within a portable solution. 

With over 30 years of industry experience, the team at Blue Diamond Machinery provides expert guidance for your energy storage solution requirements. We supply a range of energy storage solutions Australia-wide from Melbourne and Perth locations, to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

Key Features of Energy Storage Systems

Our energy storage systems provide highly efficient, environmentally sensitive energy. The key features of our range include: 

  • GMS Remote monitoring with GPS location
  • Advanced EMS with touch screen/ smart device control 
  • Deep cycle maintenance-free batteries 
  • Full system DC isolator with pre-charge*
  • Up to 125kWh stored energy
  • Can include canopy, container or trailer-mounted enclosure configurations 
  • Between 10KVA to 60KVA power output*
  • Suitable for transportation and outside installation 
  • Optimised system and Plug & Play 
  • A high cyclic life battery system 
  • Ruggedised weatherproof enclosure 
  • Skid base for handling with lashing for transportation 
  • Fully charged in 5-8 hours*

Contact Us

It’s important to ensure you select the right energy storage system for your construction and mining needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help, please do not hesitate to call us on 1800 289 422.

Energy Storage Solution FAQ’s

What is an Energy Storage Solution?

As hybrid technology, energy storage systems (ESS) are rechargeable battery systems that store energy from solar power, diesel and hydrogen generators or an external grid supply. The battery intelligently works with these sources to produce stable power while completing tasks such as peak shaving and load shifting to reduce overall demand charges. The ESS will automatically manage energy from any of these sources to ensure optimum efficiency with the best environmental impact. This means an overall reduction in generator running hours, minimising overall generator use, reducing emissions, noise pollution and operation costs.

How Does an Energy Storage System Work?

Through a simple process, ESS will charge, optimise and produce electricity (via deep cycle batteries). The battery system will charge using clean energy (such as solar), then, using the advanced battery software, will manage the production of energy. This may mean coordinating usage history and weather patterns to optimise when the energy is used. Finally, energy is released from the battery storage system during peak usage times, reducing overall demand charges.

How Does an Energy Storage System Work With a Diesel Generator?

When paired with a generator, ESS will take over the load, allowing the generator to turn off when there is lower demand. When the demand is higher, the generator will turn on. This means the generator will run less and will work harder when it is turned on - less fuel is used and fuel is burned more efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Technology & Energy Storage Solutions?

ESS primarily aims to produce extremely cost-effective and stable power in an environmentally sensitive way. They include a computerised system that is easy to install, require little to no maintenance and are user friendly and weatherproof. ESS can also lower overall fuel consumption (sometimes as high as 30 - 40%), significantly saving on re-fueling costs. Using ESS contributes to lowering overall on-site carbon emissions, reduces noise pollution and increases power security when paired with a secondary source of energy. By storing and producing clean energy with other forms of power, ESS reduces engine time, requires less servicing and maintenance while contributing to an increased lifetime of the generator.

Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing and Support?

We are confident in our energy storage system range, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia wide energy storage system servicing and support across our entire energy storage system range. Our energy storage systems also come with generous warranties for your peace of mind. Blue Diamond Machinery supplies energy storage systems Australia-wide, from Melbourne, Perth locations, Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide, wherever you are located, we can assist.