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Hydrogen Generators

Hydrogen Generators for Sale

Zero-Emission Hydrogen Power Generators

The Australian Government has committed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 26–28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030 & to net zero by 2050 and is proactively engaged with progressing the hydrogen industry within Australia as one of the major initiatives.

In search of innovative solutions for alternative engines that reduce C02 emissions and to further its commitment to an environmental approach, Blue Diamond Machinery has decided to partner with French company EODev (Energy Observer Developments) to bring to the Australian market an electro-hydrogen power generator: the EODev – GEH2. After more than a year of tests and obtaining certifications, EODev’s GEH2 electro-hydrogen unit enables electricity to be produced without pollution and emissions of CO2.

Our commitment to using environmentally friendly, innovative power solutions means that we are proactively engaged with the hydrogen industry. Our electro-hydrogen power generators provide continuous, emission-free energy while cutting noise and air pollution at an affordable price. 

With over 30 years of industry experience, the team at Blue Diamond Machinery provides expert guidance for your hydrogen power requirements. We supply electro-hydrogen generators Australia-wide from Melbourne and Perth locations, to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Smart and Connected Hydrogen Power Generator

 The GEH2 offers many advantages over equivalent diesel units. In addition to its low noise pollution and the total absence of CO2 and fine particle emissions, its compact design allows 6 stackable units to be transported in 40-foot containers and to be easily moved by forklift trucks or cranes.

 With its IP43 ingress protection and its integrated 230V plug for frost protection, it can operate in almost every corner of the world, from -5°C to +45°C. Its instant start allows to get full power immediately, and its "time 0" response make it independent of the UPS; all these features being integrated with its cooling circuit and fan.

 Connected and monitored, the management of the entire system is ensured by an automated Power Management System specifically developed by EODev. The GEH2 can also be controlled remotely with an optional remote interface. Running exclusively on hydrogen and its fuel cell having no moving parts, the GEH2 has a much longer life span than diesel generators thanks also to its design and predictive maintenance.

A Solution That Can be Adapted to All Uses

With its Plug & Play approach, the GEH2 was developed with the aim of easily integrating into all industries and environments. Designed to meet environmental challenges without sacrificing efficiency, it is suitable for all sites seeking or needing energy autonomy, both as a back-up solution, particularly for sensitive sites such as hospitals, airports, or data centers - or as the main energy source in isolated (scientific bases, islands, refuges, relay antennas, etc.) or confined sites (tunnels and mines).

It can also be used to provide additional power for construction sites or events (concerts, sporting events, trade shows, etc.) or to access protected and regulated zero-emission zones.

Key Features

Our hydrogen generators provide a highly efficient and immediate source of power. Its key features include: 

  • Zero emissions output
  • Optimised for the environment
  • Compact design
  • Low noise pollution
  • Optimised logistics and Plug & Play 
  • Remote and touchscreen interface 
  • Remote monitoring
  • Eco-design
  • Predictive maintenance and remote support
  • Event-driven electrical outlets 
  • Lithium Ion Iron Phosphate battery & fuel cell 
  • Instant start-up
  • 15,000 hours run time 
  • Prime running power: 100kVA/80kW 
  • Energy source: hydrogen
  • Output current type: AC

Contact Us

It's important to ensure you select the right hydrogen generator for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647.

Hydrogen Generators FAQ's

What Is a Hydrogen Generator?

Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe and cannot occur naturally on earth. A hydrogen generator is a system that produces hydrogen through water electrolysis and is the most popular green method for hydrogen generation. The use of a fuel cell (to produce hydrogen) combined with a battery system results in a continuous source of clean, quiet and immediate power.

How Does a Hydrogen Generator Work?

Hydrogen generators produce and store hydrogen on-demand through electrolysis, only needing water and filtered air for the process. Using an electrical current, an electrochemical reaction of anodic and cathodic electrodes held within a fuel cell of the generator will spark. This reaction separates the hydrogen and oxygen molecules of the water. The process transforms the electrodes into hydrogen gas, resulting in a continuous and pure source of hydrogen energy.

Why Use a Hydrogen Generator?

Hydrogen generators provide a clean, safe and convenient alternative to energy with the capability of connecting to diesel or gas generators and electrical grids. As a source of decarbonated energy, hydrogen generators provide uninterrupted power without pollution while drastically lowering noise emissions. Hydrogen generators provide a cost-effective power solution for industries wanting to minimise their carbon footprint through the use of a consistently pure source of hydrogen on demand.

Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing and Support?

We are confident in our hydrogen generator range, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia wide servicing and support across our hydrogen generators. Our hydrogen generators also come with generous warranties for your peace of mind. Blue Diamond Machinery supplies hydrogen generators Australia-wide, from Melbourne, Perth locations, to Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide, wherever you are located, we can assist.