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Water Pumps- Petrol & Diesel

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Blue Diamonds range off diesel and petrol water pumps are designed to meet the needs a range of industries including farming, construction and mining and by professional contractors. Our water pump options includes;

  • Water Transfer Pumps- can transfer high volumes of water at relatively low pressure. Ideal for flood irrigation, fast fill tanker applications, and dewatering of construction sites.
  • Fire Fighting Pumps- pumps with higher pressure so it can pump water from your water source and discharge with pressure. Ideal for firefighting, fire preparation, high pressure water transfer and more.
  • Trash Pumps- pumps that can move water with debris and solids. Ideal for pumping muddy, mucky water on construction sites. Petrol or Diesel powered trash pump options.

We are Australian owned and operated, offering wholesale direct pricing to our customers, backed by our experienced service team.

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