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Water Pumps for sale


Blue Diamond Machinery has service agents Australia wide and sales and service offices in Perth and Melbourne, enabling us to deliver the right water pump to your location. With a range of water pumps from leading brands - you are sure to find a water pump to meet your water transfer requirements at Blue Diamond.

Blue Diamond carries a wide range of water & trash transfer pumps to suit a range of farming, construction and agricultural applications. Our Water Pump range includes;

  • Grundfos Pumps- We stock a range of Grundfos pumps - solar pumps, submersible pumps (SP), and centrifugal pumps (CR). Designed for moving and treating water/wastewater in an environmentally sustainable way

Blue Diamond Machinery supply a range of water transfer pumps to professionals in the field in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Australia wide. 



Selecting a water pump with all the right capabilities for your needs is extremely important.

Inlet size- (we stock 1” to 4”) and engine size are important factors to consider. Models with larger inlet size and engine size will be able to move larger amounts of water, faster.

The quantity & quality of water- this is also a factor that needs to be considered when looking to purchase a water pump. For transferring large quantities of water, or water with debris and waste material within it, a trash pump will likely be the best option. However, for moving water over high vertical distances, a firefighting pump will be a more efficient solution.

Petrol or Diesel?- Blue Diamond’s range of petrol water pumps are usually cheaper in comparison with their diesel counterparts, they also come in a wider range of models. Diesel water pumps, however, are more fuel efficient and are usually better suited for longer run times.

If you are unsure of what water transfer pump is right for you, make sure to speak to our expert team to get a solution tailored to your requirements.


It's important to ensure you select the right water pump for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 936 025