Atlas Copco Compressors


Blue Diamond Machinery has service agents Australia wide and sales and service offices in Perth and Melbourne, enabling us to deliver the right Atlas Copco air compressor to your location. We have been supplying air compressors to industries and trades Australia-wide for more than 25 years. Talk with our experienced rotary screw compressor team for the right advice to meet your requirements.


Atlas Copco™ oil-injected rotary screw G compressors are powerful and reliable industrial screw compressors. Built from high-quality components and materials, they provide a reliable source of high-quality air in temperatures up to 46°C / 115°F. The compressors are compact, flexible and available in various versions depending on size: floor mounted, tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer.


Atlas Copco™ Piston Air Compressors or Reciprocating air compressors are suited for a range of trades and industries, including farming, mining and construction site application. We offer a comprehensive range of Atlas Copco piston air compressors for sale that are reliable, robust and can be stationary or mobile.

  • Automan Light Duty Series- is perfect for light duty applications or when you have an occasional need for a reliable source compressed air. Perfect for inflating care or bike tyres or rafts.
  • Professional Series- for the professional handyman, designed for applications where you need reasonable flow rates and a reliable source of compressed air. Perfect for nail-guns or pneumatic tools.
  • Industrial Aluminium Series- is designed for applications where there is a regular reliance on compressed air. Perfect choice when you have higher compressed air demands and portability is needed.

Atlas Copco Compressor FAQ's

What Are Atlas Copco Compressors Known For?

Atlas Copco is a brand known for reliability, energy efficiency, low life cycle cost and suitability across a range of applications. Blue Diamond Machinery stock the Atlas Copco Screw and Piston compressors. The Rotary Screw compressors are compact, flexible and available in various versions depending on size: floor mounted, tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer. These compressors work by providing a reliable source of high-quality air in temperatures up to 46°C or small to medium-sized business. The Piston compressor has been designed for various trades and industries such as farming, mining and construction site application. This suitability is due to the critical features of robust machinery, reliability, and the device's option to be stationary or mobile. In addition to these two types of Atlas Copco Air Compressors, another consideration to break down is the three series options that cater for light duties, mid-range or industrial strength. Starting with the Automan Light Duty Series, most suitable for inflating car/bike tyres; the Professional Series perfect for nail-guns or pneumatic tools; and finally, the Industrial Series, the right choice for higher compressed air demands and when portability is required.

Why Choose an Atlas Copco Air Compressor?

The Atlas Copco is the right choice for customers seeking a robust, reliable air compressor that delivers outstanding performance. In addition to this, buyers would find this brand suitable if they are looking for a compressor that are equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring, which provides updates on servicing, warning indications and error detection, which keep the maintenance and maintenance costs very low. These air compressors are sought after by customer from food manufacturing, water treatment or automotive industry, or any industry that requires compressed air.

What Size Atlas Copco Compressor Do I Need?

It can be a challenge to size your Atlas Copco air compressor. The information required to make an informed decision includes the application and usage; understanding these will enable the correct sizing of the machine. There are two key considerations to make when working out the correct size for your needs 1) the amount of pressure required 2) the correct airflow required. We will discuss these points below to aid in your decision making. We are beginning with the amount of pressure required. Pressure refers to the amount of force needed to perform a certain amount of work at any given point in time and is measured in PSI (pounds per square inch). The air compressor you select must be able to create enough pressure to perform the task it has been instructed to complete; this understanding is essential to size the compressor properly; otherwise, you will be faced with problems. The second point is the right amount of airflow needed from the compressor. Again, the compressor's size plays an essential role in this. Flow, also referred to as free air delivery (FAD), can be measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) and is the ability of the compressor to continue performing in a time frame. The amount of flow required is determined by the length of time needed to complete a given task. Ultimately, when you are looking to supply enough compressed air for a given application, it is vital to consider the amount of compressed airflow (CFM) needed at a specific pressure (PSI) required for the process to work correctly.

What If I Don't Know What Atlas Copco Compressor Is Right for Me?

It's important to ensure you select the right Atlas Copco Air Compressor for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647