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Polaris ATV Range for Sale

Polaris ATV & UTV Range For Construction, Commercial & Mining Use 

Blue Diamond Machinery is one of Australia’s leading suppliers for construction, commercial and mining equipment. Our range of Polaris ATVs and UTVs are suited to Australia’s tough mining and construction markets with a focus on durability, serviceability and safety. 

Built to withstand tough duty cycles and usage, our range of Polaris ATVs and UTVs can handle extreme towing capabilities and operate on any construction worksite. They are engineered for a variety of commercial work environments and government applications, including operations, personal transport and emergency response.

Blue Diamond Machinery’s Polaris ATV and UTV range set the standard for off-road vehicle performance for heavy duty, low maintenance and top of the range safety. The Polaris range is specifically engineered for seamless operation, delivering value for a range of government, construction, mining and commercial worksites.

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It's important to ensure you select the right ATV and UTV product for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647.


What is an ATV/UTV?

An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) is known as an off-road vehicle with the ability to operate through a range of terrain conditions. A UTV is classified as a utility terrain vehicle and is designed for work purposes rather than recreation. They are larger, have more passenger capacity and are commonly used to transport people and haul equipment and supplies in areas where trucks or road vehicles are impractical. The Polaris range can be referred to as either although they are known for their heavy duty capabilities suited in commercial, construction, government and mining sites.

What are the applications of an ATV/UTV?

ATVs and UTVs are engineered for heavy duty off-road operation and are suitable for construction, commercial and mining worksites as well as government operations. They can haul equipment and supplies through worksites and areas where an onroad vehicles are impossible or impractical. They are also used to transport people and operate as emergency transport.

Do You Offer Warranties & Servicing for ATVs and UTVs?

At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the ATV and UTV products we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire Polaris range. Blue Diamond Machinery supply our Polaris range Australia-wide, from Melbourne and Perth locations, to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Wherever you are located, we can assist.