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Petrol Generators

Petrol Generators for Sale

Petrol Generators & Inverters - for Home & Trade Use

Whether you need a generator for home & recreational use, or to carry from site to site for trade applications, our range of petrol generators will deliver a reliable & efficient mobile power source. Our petrol generators are made up of a range of portable trade generators and super quiet inverter generators from leading brands. Starting at 2kVa for our smaller inverter units, up to 9kVa for our mobile trade generators.

Australia’s Leading Petrol Generator Supplier

At Blue Diamond we only stock petrol generators with exceptional build quality, reliability and features at the best price. With our generators coming from leading brands like Genesys, Honda & more. Our petrol generators can also be fitted & customised to suit your needs with a range of additional features like automatic starts, long range fuel tanks, silenced canopies, roll cages and much more. After years of supplying generators to Australian home owners, trade industries and commercial industries, we have proven ourselves as a trusted & reliable dealer. We have over 30+ years of industry experience supplying leading generator brands at the best price possible, saving you time and money.

Why Choose a Petrol Generator from Blue Diamond?

Our range of petrol generators are the perfect solution to those who need a generator for home, recreation, or smaller-scale trade use. All Blue Diamond’s petrol generators come with built-in safety & noise control features, excellent efficiency & leading warranties - all at great prices. Our petrol generators are stocked exclusively from leading brands such as Honda, Genesys & more. We also offer Australia wide servicing & support for all makes & models, we are a trusted supplier and will never walk away from a problem... that’s a guarantee! We deliver our range of petrol generators Australia-wide, from Melbourne PerthSydney, Brisbane, Adelaide. If you are unsure which generator is best, our professional generator sales team are ready to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you choose the right generator to meet your needs.

Petrol Generator FAQ's

What is a Petrol Generator?

Petrol generators use petrol as fuel to run their engine. Specifically, they convert the chemical energy of petrol into mechanical energy. Petrol generators are ideal for individuals and commercial businesses looking for efficient, reliable power generation at a low cost. They are purchased for home and recreational use and worksites, often due to their mobility factor. The key features of a petrol generator are its low noise output, lightweight frame (allowing portability), fuel economy, long operation timeframes and an ability to power both demanding applications such as large caravans, food vans, coffee vans & outdoor events and sensitive equipment prone to voltage fluctuations such as laptops & mobile phones.

Why Would I Choose A Petrol Generator?

A petrol generator is the correct type of generator for you if you require efficient, reliable power generation at a low cost. Petrol generators are known for their low noise output, lightweight frame (portability), economical fuel consumption and continuous operation for hours at a time. Petrol generators can supply sufficient power to operate large caravans, food vans and coffee vans in addition to many other commercial applications and commonly as a backup generator at home. If you are unsure which generator is best, our professional generator sales team are ready to provide expert advice and guidance, ensuring you choose the right petrol generator to meet your needs; contact us on 1300 998 647.

Should I Choose a Petrol or Diesel Generator?

When it comes to choosing a petrol or diesel generator, there are some key points to take into consideration. Both models come with advantages and disadvantages, which we will now present for your comparison. Petrol generators are ideal for home and commercial businesses as they are efficient and reliable and are lower in cost to run than their diesel counterparts. Diesel generators are more robust than the petrol models and, as a result as better suited to more demanding situations such as mining, construction, trade and various industrial applications. Both diesel and petrol generators are subject to fluctuations in fuel costs, but petrol generators also use their fuel less efficiently, which results in more regular refills and larger quantities of fuel kept on site. Petrol generators also have a lower operating volume over the diesel but can require more frequent maintenance and repairs due to the strain on internal components because of high levels of heat. 

What Size Petrol Generator Do I Need?

Determining the size of the generator required takes into consideration several factors. These factors are explained in the points below for your consideration. Petrol generators are well suited to situations where smaller-scale use is required. These situations will include residential settings or small-scale trade, construction or commercial applications. There is a simple formula to determine the size petrol generator for each of the applications; 1) make a list of the items that need to be powered by the generator 2) make a note of the starting and running W/KVA for each item 3) calculate the total power requirements in W or KVA 4) email or call Blue Diamond Machinery to speak with a technical expert who can advise you of the most suitable petrol generator for your needs, 1300 998 647.

Are Petrol Generators Safe?

Taking safety precautions when using a petrol generator is a large part of responsible ownership. Like diesel generators, petrol-powered generators used a highly flammable, combustive fuel to generate power through the device. There are some essential considerations to make when using a device that uses fuel. We have outlined some general considerations for customers below, with a particular focus on safety around refuelling. For further information, please contact Blue Diamond Machinery, and the expert team can discuss in more detail with you the safety precautions. Important safety considerations when using a petrol generator are; 1) make sure a fire extinguisher is immediately accessible when using a generator 2) ensure portable generators sit on firm ground, in well-ventilated areas, away from heat and possible ignition sources 3) be aware that refuelling a generator should not take place in low lying areas where vapours could accumulate and potentially ignite 4) only carry and decanter petrol using approved fuel containers to reduce generating static electricity in the decanting process 5) ensure a petrol generator has the container cap placed tightly before moving 6) always allow the motor to cool down and maintain the upright generator position in a well-ventilated space before transporting. For any further enquiries regarding safety when using a petrol generator, please contact our expert team on 1300 998 647.

Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing & Support?

At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the petrol generators we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire petrol generator range.