Genesys Diesel Generators

The Most Cost Effective & Reliable Diesel Generators In Australia 

Blue Diamond Machinery’s range of Genesys diesel generators are the most cost effective, efficient and robust units you can buy for your power needs. Their fully enclosed sound proof canopy is compact and super quiet, making Genesys generators ideal for use in noise sensitive urban areas.  

Boasting a powder coated waterproof canopy, remote start and water-cooled engine, Genesys generators are built to handle the harsh conditions of remote Australia. These features allow them to provide a reliable source of power for even the toughest agricultural, industrial, mining and commercial applications.  

Fully Customisable To Suit Your Needs 

Blue Diamond Machinery can customise your Genesys generator to suit any application. Optional customisations for applications like mine and construction sites include: 

  • Automatic Transfer Switch ATS 
  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Battery & starter isolator 
  • Solar battery charger 
  • ComAp cell phone monitoring 
  • 3 way fuel valve 
  • Generator synchronisation for 2 or more units
  • Perkins or Cummins engine options available 

Contact Us 

It's important to ensure you select the right Genesys Generator to suit your application requirements. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647. 

Genesys Generator FAQ’s

Why Choose a Genesys Generator?

Genesys generators provide a reliable source of power at great prices for a variety of applications. They also boast some impressive features including a ComAP MRS 9 Controller, lockable and soundproof canopies, 100% double bunded base, ATS plug and so much more. This, combined with the unparalleled support provided by Blue Diamond Machinery means there is simply no better option. 

What Applications Suit Genesys Generators?

With a range spanning from 6KVA to 770KVA, Genesys generators are suitable for a range of applications. This includes larger machinery loads found in job sites, industrial, commercial or farming applications, as well as standby or backup power for hospitals and offices for extra peace of mind..

Do You Offer Warranties & Servicing for Genesys Generators?

Our entire Genesys home generator range is backed by a generous 2 year - 1000 hour warranty for your peace of mind. Blue Diamond Machinery also offers 24/7 Australia wide servicing and support across our entire Genesys Generator range..