Single Phase Generators

Single Phase Generators For Construction, Trade & Mining

We supply single phase generators from 6kVA to 110kVA specially designed to meet the needs of construction sites, hospitals, civil work and mining operations. They serve as a durable and cost-effective prime or standby power solution.  

Our single phase generators keep everything from TVs and small appliances to critical medical and refrigeration equipment running during power outages or in areas with an unstable power supply.  

Customisable To Meet Your Needs 

Blue Diamond Machinery can customise your single phase generator to suit any application, from mine site specifications to rental options and more. This includes: 

  • Fire extinguisher 
  • Battery starter and isolator 
  • Solar battery charger 
  • 3 way fuel valve 
  • ComAp cell phone monitoring 
  • Trailor mounts 
  • Canopies & skids 
  • Long range fuel tanks 
  • Remote start 
  • Hi vis tape 
  • Power outlets 

Why Choose A Single Phase Generator From Blue Diamond Machinery?  

Blue Diamond Machinery has over 30 years' experience supplying single phase generators to Australia’s mining, industrial, construction and agricultural industries. We offer:  

  • Expert generator servicing and support: We offer 24/7 Australia wide servicing and support for our single phase generator range. We have service agents in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide – wherever you are, we can assist.  
  • Extended warranties: All our single phase generators come with generous warranties for your peace of mind.   
  • Australia wide delivery: We offer fast, Australia wide delivery to all metro areas including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane. Alternatively, visit one of our showrooms in Perth, Melbourne or Brisbane.    

Single Phase Generator FAQ's

Do I Need A Single Or 3 Phase Generator?

Single phase generators power up to 240 volts and are ideal for smaller power loads found on residential and rural properties. 3 phase generators, on the other hand, power up to 415 volts and are great for large and demanding power needs on industrial, commercial and mining sites.

What’s The Difference Between Single & 3 Phase Power?

3 phase machines deliver power in three alternating currents. The supply of power is constant and never drops below zero, making them suitable for powering large, demanding loads on commercial, agricultural and industrial job sites. 3 phase power is more efficient, generating three times as much power as single phase systems. Single phase power, on the other hand, delivers power through one phase and one neutral wire. The peaks and troughs in voltage mean power occasionally falls below zero. It’s typically used to power residential homes and small businesses.

What Size Single Phase Generator Do I Need?

Simply combine and calculate the total wattage of everything you want the generator to power. For example, if your total power needs come to 9,000 watts (9kW), look for a generator that supports this output. If you need help deciding what size generator is best for you, contact Blue Diamond Machinery’s expert team on 1300 998 647.

Do You Offer Hybrid Power Solutions?

Absolutely. Blue Diamond Machinery can customise a hybrid power solution for any construction, mine or off-grid site. As a result, worksites experience less diesel fuel costs and almost zero noise pollution. This means securing a dependable power source while simultaneously reducing maintenance costs, extending the diesel generator lifespan and significantly lowering on-site carbon footprint.

Can A Single Phase Generator Be Converted To Three Phase?

No. It is not possible to draw 3 phase power from a single phase generator.

Do You Offer Warranties & Servicing for Single Phase Generators?

We are extremely confident in the quality of the single phase generators we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Generator Servicing and Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties. If you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647.