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Air Compressors - for Medium-High Air Flow Industrial Applications

Blue Diamond stocks a wide range of reciprocal & rotary screw air compressors suitable for use in a range of medium-high air flow industrial applications. Coming in electric, diesel & petrol models, we are sure to have the right compressor for the job.

Australia’s Leading Industrial Air Compressor Suppliers

We have been supplying air compressors to trade, industrial & commercial industries Australia-wide for more than 30+ years now and have established our identity as a reputable and trustworthy supplier.

Our industrial air compressors are suited for a range of industries, in trade, construction, factory, commercial & workshop environments. Reliable, efficient & robust, our industrial air compressors are stocked from leading brands like Atlas Copco & Rotair.

Benefits of Blue Diamond’s Industrial Compressors;

  • Built for a range of Industrial Applications; our industrial air compressors are built for a range of industrial applications, with floor mounted & portable trailer-skid mounted models. No matter your requirements, you can be sure to find the perfect compressor to meet your needs at Blue Diamond.
  • Reliable & Efficient; made from premium parts & components, our industrial air compressors are reliable & fuel efficient. Delivering you fuel savings & longevity under the repetitive requirements of industrial environments.
  • Air Compressor Service & Support; Blue Diamond Machinery offers 24/7 Australia wide compressor support, servicing, preventative maintenance, and repair services across Australia.
  • Generous Warranties; we offer Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire industrial air compressor range.

We supply industrial air compressors in MelbournePerth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Australia wide. With service agents Australia wide and sales and service offices in Perth and Melbourne, we can deliver the right air compressor to your location.

Industrial Compressor FAQ's

What is an Industrial Compressor?

industrial air compressors are large and often expensive devices used to operate power tools and machinery in factories, construction sites, manufacturing and processing plants. They provide energy/power source for whole operations and, when chosen correctly, can save an organization thousands of dollars through energy savings. Akin to how a car engine works, an industrial air compressor uses piston force to transfer and compress air inside the machine. This piston technology is powered by electricity, petrol, or diesel to reduce the air entering the compressor system. This compressed air is then stored in a pressurized tank; given its application in an industrial setting, this tank can hold a significant amount of compressed air. The typical uses for an industrial air compressor are for factory tools, pneumatic drills, paint sprayers, sanders, construction equipment, power tools and pressure washers and within heating and air conditioning systems. That is why it is essential to select an industrial compressor that is right for the job. Determining which style of industrial compressor, you'll need begins in working out whether your site requires an oil-injected compressor or an oil-free compressor. The oil-injected is the less expensive of the two models and well suited to applications in the manufacturing industry. While the oil-free compressor, while more expensive, produces high-quality air, like that needed in food production and pharmaceuticals.

When Would You Choose an Industrial Compressor?

Air compressors are used in a broad range of applications in our communities, so much so they are often referred to as the fourth utility, next to water, electricity and natural gas. Understanding the differences in industrial compressors requires first understanding the two main types of compressed air used in this setting; active air and energy air. Beginning with energy air, used for storing and transmitting the energy required for mechanical work, such as the compressed air used with pneumatic tools. The second type refers to active air, which is the type of compressed air that can safely contact the end product, such as preserving food and drinks or chemical/pharmaceutical industries. Active air is used as it is pure with all contaminants removed, making it safe for products that may end up being consumed. Choosing an industrial compressor depends entirely on the ways in which you plan to use it; for those seeking a compressor for use with hand tools, home and single-use, or minor construction purposes, a reciprocating compressor would be most suited. Alternatively, for those in the market for a compressor to heavy power use in businesses such as factories, busy garages and workshops, the rotary screw compressor would be a better solution.

What Size Industrial Compressor Do I Need?

Choosing the suitable industrial air compressor for your needs must first be met to understand the application and demand for air in that setting. The right type and size compressor can help you reduce energy costs and optimize productivity, so it’s important to know how to calculate the information you will need to guide this decision. Beginning with the compressed airflow, which is typically measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This flow has been described as the measurement of the compressed air to perform a process within an acceptable time frame and support multiple processes alongside. A compressor that’s too small won’t produce enough flow and pressure to complete required tasks, and too large will cost more to buy and operate and potentially lead to mechanical problems. The importance of correctly sizing the compressor is based on a calculation that we recommend speaking with a professional about to check before making a purchase. The Blue Diamond team can provide the information you will need regarding your specific set of circumstances to measure your actual demand. Another important note to make is regarding planning for the future, and the capacity you can predict may be required in your setting. We recommend sizing a compressor for the actual demand of a industrial setting instead of oversizing to compensate for this prediction. Another thing to keep in mind is that expansion of your operation might be completed without expanding air production. Air demand may fluctuate as work progresses, which is why a compressor with a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) might be an interesting consideration for your situation.

Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing & Support?

At Blue Diamond, we are extremely confident in the quality of the industrial air compressors we distribute, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia Wide Support and provide Industry Leading Warranties throughout our entire range. It's important to ensure you select the right industrial air compressor for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647