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Generator Synchronisation Solutions


Generator Synchronisation

Generator Synchronisation Solutions

Generator synchronisation (also referred to as ‘load sharing’) involves matching all relevant parameters from multiple generators with an active power system – allowing them to work in tandem to supply power. This synchronisation process is done prior to the generators being connected/reconnected to the power system.

Why Utilise Generator Synchronisation?

There are a variety of benefits to synchronising your generators rather than simply buying a larger generator.

  • Built in Redundancy/Backup: instead of losing all power if one of your generators breaks down/fails, with a synchronised system in place your other generator will still be able to provide power to your site.
  • Power Continuity during Servicing: like the above, if one of your generators needs to be serviced, you will not need to experience downtime, with another generator still able to provide you with the power you need to keep the wheels turning.
  • Cost savings: under certain circumstances, it is cheaper to run multiple generators synchronously rather than buying one larger generator to meet all your power requirements in isolation. Synchronized generator applications can also be cheaper in regard to fuel usage compared to single generator systems.

Denyo Diesel Generator Synchronisation

Blue Diamond’s range of Denyo generators are primed for synchronisation entirely customizable to suit your power requirements & application. Delivering improved efficiency, effective power supply & cost savings.

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