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Blue Diamond Machinery is a leading dealer of portable generators Australia wide, with national-wide service agents. Offering a wide range of Portable Petrol and Diesel Generators for sale designed to meet the needs of Trade, Mining, Builders, Farming and Home.

  • Portable Petrol Generators-3.5kva to 12kva petrol generators. Perfect as a backup generator for home or trade applications.
  • Diesel Portable Generators-  high quality diesel powered generators from 6kva, build for trade, mining and other applications.
  • Generator with Silenced Canopy-protective cover, which makes the generator secure, safe and sound proof as well.

Portable Generators for Sale Melbourne, Portable Generators Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide.

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Our range of petrol and diesel portable generators are perfect for around the house, trade and industrial use- small, portable, silent.

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