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Portable Generator - Diesel 5.8KVA -Silenced Canopy

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5.8KVA Diesel Portable Generator with Silenced Canopy

Blue Diamond 5.8KVA diesel portable generator has a 4 stroke air cooled diesel engine that delivers 10– 12 hours on a tank of fuel.  It’s reliable, compact with weather proof canopy and easy to transport.

Its silenced canopy ensures minimal noise on the job site or when used at home. Providing on-site electricity for all uses, trade or home, who need a reliable source of power but don’t have access to a mains or in case of power outage.

Blue Diamond’s range of Genesys Air Cooled Portable Generators provide reliable power at great prices and are backed by a generous 2 year – 500 hour warranty for your piece of mind.

Portable Generator Key Features

  • Rated Output 5.5KVA
  • Peak Output 5.8KVA
  • 12HP 4 Stroke Air Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Electric Key Start
  • Heavy duty steel frame for extreme durability
  • Silenced Canopy
  • Clear interface with LCD display
  • Digital multi display with volts, Amps, Hour meter
  • Twin 15 AMP outlets
  • Rated; This is a great generator for back-up power.
  • Earth leakage and RCD
  • 15 L Fuel Tank, 10-12 Hour Run Time
  • 70 Db @ 7M
  • Recommended oil; 15W40
  • Dimensions: 96cm x 56cm x 83cm
  • Weight: 165Kg

Our entire range of diesel portable generators are Australian Standards compliant with full (ELCB) earth leakage protection fitted-protecting you against electrocution.


Gain peace of mind knowing your Portable Generator is backed by our Generous 2 year – 500 hour warranty. We offer 24/7 Australia wide support on all our air cooled Genesys portable generator models, with service agents throughout Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney.


We can ship direct to you Australia wide. Alternatively, you can pick up from one of our sales offices located in Perth or Melbourne

Contact Us

It's important to ensure you select the right portable generator for your needs. So if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647

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17 Reviews

  • 5
    What a Quality Cheap generator

    Posted by Chris on 2nd Sep 2016

    I must admit, Chinese - Price is too low to be good? I am pleasantly surprised, it's runs brilliantly. The only thing I can fault is the manual is written In some kind of Chi-Enlish. Must admit I called about this and they emailed me a much better version. 5 STARS

  • 5

    Posted by Alex on 30th Aug 2016

    I have this to back up my house and have only used it 3 times in 2 years. It still runs perfectly well, money very well spent

  • 5
    Good Value

    Posted by Ian Hart on 22nd Aug 2016

    I've one of these for only about 6 months, and it's done relatively low hours. So far it's shown no issues, and I've loaded it up considerably, probably more than peak output, and it's only tripped the breaker a few times. It's been used for blackouts, and has no problems running the fridge, tv, computers playstation etc..., as well as lighting, small hot water system and a pump. Despite not being an inverter model, it has no issues running more sensitive equipment, although anything thats been plugged in has always been going through a sui table surge protecter power board, and with tank water the pump cuts in and out regularly, and the generator keeps supplying constant power with no noticeable fluctuations. At one point i plugged a large-ish wall mounted air conditioner into it to see what would happen, and although it definitely feels the load (you can hear the engine working harder), it still runs it, both for cooling and heating, flat out. The only issue here was if the a/c compressor cut in and out repeatedly, the circuit breaker on the generator occasionally tripped. As it only has low hours, its hard to say how the quality is long term, but so far its been great machine.

  • 5
    Good source of power

    Posted by Mat on 22nd Aug 2016

    Great, quiet generator. I love this generator, just a little heavy for my liking.

  • 5
    Happy Boater

    Posted by Miles Norton on 18th Aug 2016

    I use it on my boat, wanted a lighter way to go. All the petrol generators are light, but had to go diesel. Very happy with my purchase. I might get the 2.5 Hornet for my caravan. Blue Diamond is cheap, but good quality too.

  • 5
    Backs up my house

    Posted by Greg on 17th Aug 2016

    Im a big fan of honda generators. Particularly the inverter series. However, needing something with a larger power output and longer runtime with diesel i looked at this model. It is now installed in a custom built shed and controlled by an ATS and so far works perfectly. Noise wise then yes if you stand next to it then its very noisy. 25+m away and its barely audible. Ok for me with large property but may annoy neighbors in for eg a terrice location.

  • 4
    Reasonable Generator

    Posted by Jason on 17th Aug 2016

    Decent generator at a reasonable price,bear in mind it is a diesel so if you are looking for something super silent at this price you will be looking for something that doesn,t exist.

  • 5
    Want Reliable Power? This Is A Beast!

    Posted by Aussie on 10th Mar 2016

    Purchased this gen set for use in Adelaide on HOT dry days when we have rolling blackouts, very common in our area, expected the remote controlled unit, but after receiving the product, found it was only electric start and had no digital power/hour meter, but came with analog meters which are just fine for my use, it has ATS capability which is fantastic if you have an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), it will start the gen set and transfer to gen power when the grid goes down, and stop the gen set and transfer back when the grid goes back up. This unit has a 12HP 4 Stroke Air Cooled Diesel Engine, electric start and all the protection you need in a great quality silenced canopy on wheels. Only around 70db @ 7 meters, so very quiet. This unit is solid and handles both air conditioners, my fridge and separate freezer, along with a room of electronics very easily. Smallish on board diesel fuel tank, only 13 liters which will last around 8 hours at 6KVA (100% Load) and around 10 to 12 at 50% load. Unit is fitted with a 25A RCD [full (ELCB) earthleakage protection fitted] and both 15A outlets are protected with RCD and double circuit breakers (22.5A MAX). Perfect for your own protection. It also has a earthing point for the gen set itself (Highly recommended to earth all gen sets). I highly recommend this unit for small applications, but BDM offers larger gen sets if needed. This unit is a beauty, and offers everything that I need for those drawn out Adelaide summers. Highly recommended.