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Petrol and Diesel Compressors Perth

 petrol and diesel air compressors melbourne

Blue Diamond Machinery is a leading supplier of Petrol and Diesel Air Compressor for sale in Perth and throughout Western Australia. Providing a range of air compressors to meet the needs of Home, Trades, Construction, Industrial and more. Offering reliable, quality and great prices on our generators Perth and WA. Our range includes Piston Air Compressors, Screw Compressors, Electric Screw Compressors, Trailer mounted Compressors and more.

Air Compressors for Sale Perth

Piston Air Compressors Perth.jpgPiston Compressors Perth

Wide range of Diesel and Petrol Piston Air Compressors for sale Perth and Western Australia-wide. Our portable compressors- 4HP to 10HP are designed to meet the needs of  trade and industrial users who require reliable source of power, or as backup in power failures Brands include Genesys Compressors, Atlas Piston Compressors.

View Range of Portable Compressors- Genesys Compressors, Atlas Copco Compressors

Screw Air Compressors PerthScrew Compressors Perth

Blue Diamond is a leading providing of quality, reliable electric rotary screw compressors Perth and throughout WA. Offering a wide range of air compressors designed for trade, commercial and industrial use. Leading brands include Atlas Copco Compressors, Senator Compressors.

View Range of Diesel Generators-  Atlas Screw Compressors, Senator Screw Compressors

range of portable air compressors melbourneSkid & Trailer Compressors Perth

We provide a range of Portable Air Compressors for sale Perth and WA-wide. We are an authorised distributor for Rotair Air Compressors 76CFM to 893CFM models. Designed specifically for Austrailian conditions.

View Range of Rotair Air Compressors

used diesel compressors melbourneUsed Diesel Air Compressors Perth

We specialise in providing fully reconditioned and 100% load tested Used Diesel Air Compressors from leading brands including Airman and Denyo Compressors.

View Range of Diesel Compressors


Blue Diamond Machinery is the leading provider of petrol and diesel air compressors. Our portable compressors range from 4HP to 10HP , 18CMF to 48CMF designed for trade, industrial, mining, construction. We offer a wide range of Electric, Petrol and Diesel Compressors  from leading brands including Genesys Compressors, Atlas Copco Compressors, Senator and Rotair Air Compressors.

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