Air Compressors Perth

Air Compressors for Sale Perth

Blue Diamond Machinery’s portable air compressors range includes brands like Atlas Copco, Yanmar, and Rotair with ranges from 4HP to 200HP. Suitable for trade, commercial and industrial applications across Perth and Western Australia.


Trade, Construction & Industrial Air Compressors for Sale

With over 30 years of experience supplying air compressors to trades, construction, and industries, Blue Diamond Machinery is Perth’s leading supplier of portable, piston, screw, and trailer-mounted air compressors. Reach out and speak with one of our air compressor experts to find the right air compressor for the job. 

Our air compressor range includes:

Screw Compressors

Our Rotary screw compressors are suitable for small to medium industrial applications. Built from reliable and robust components, Blue Diamond Machinery’s screw compressors provide high quality air under Australia’s tough conditions. We provide rotary screw air compressors ranging from 17CFM to 200+ CFM across Perth and Western Australia.

View our range of Rotary Screw Compressors here.

 Skid and Trailer Mounted

Our skid and trailer mounted air compressors are built for construction, mining, and industrial use. Our range is constructed with high-quality components, parts and materials, making them robust and reliable under Australia’s tough construction and industrial environments. We provide skid and trailer mounted air compressors ranging from 75CFM to 800+ CFM. 

View our range of Skid & Trailer Mounted Compressors here.

Diesel Piston Air Compressors

Our diesel piston air compressors are built for the needs of industry, workshop and commercial applications across Perth and Western Australia. Blue Diamond Machinery has a range of high-quality air compressors built to last from leading, trusted brands. We provide diesel piston air compressors ranging from 4HP to 11HP and 16CFM to 44CFM. 

View our range of Diesel Piston Air Compressors here.


Warranty & Servicing

Blue Diamond Machinery has service agents Australia-Wide to provide expert air compressor servicing and support for all air compressor types and models, including 24/7 emergency support. We also supply industry-leading warranties across a selection of our air compressor range.


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It’s important to ensure you select the right air compressor for your needs. At Blue Diamond Machinery, our expert team is available to answer any questions or queries you have. Contact us today or call us on 1300 998 647