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Air Compressor Uses & Applications

Air Compressor Uses & Applications

13th Apr 2021

Before describing the many uses of air compressors, first, we need to understand how the device performs. An air compressor is a pneumatic device which transforms power using an electric/diesel or petrol fuel motor into potential energy stored as compressed air. When it is working, the air compressor builds air into a storage tank with greater volume, increasing the air pressure. 

The energy enclosed in the compressed air can fuel a range of applications that use air's kinetic energy as it discharges, and the tank depressurizes.

People, businesses and industry use this type of power in a variety for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common uses for air compressors, are outlined below:

Consumer Grade Applications - The Way People Use Air Compressors At Home


Single-stage consumer-grade models are used around the home for tasks like inflating tyres, and other inflatable products and sporting equipment and can handle small, low-load air tools such as pneumatic staplers.

Contractor Grade Applications – The Way Air Compressors Are Used In Commercial Settings


The next level is the contractor/professional/commercial grade air compressor, which is more powerful and distributes more significant amounts of pressurized air. These commercial-grade products usually are two-stage reciprocating models or rotary screw models, chosen because they provide power to several tools at once when using intermittently. 

These machines are generally portable due to their size. With options to carry (by hand), move via wheeled apparatus (such as a wheelbarrow) or moved with a vehicle's support.

Industrial Grade Applications – The Way Air Compressors Are Used In Industrial Settings


Industrial grade air compressors are heavy-duty machines that provide vast amounts of pressurized air to manufacturing facilities, the automotive industry, oil rigs, mine sites and essentially any industry from health, maintenance and transport around Australia. 

These rugged machines are powerful and can sustain a steady flow of compressed air for long periods whilst weathering fluctuating surges in use.

What Can I Use An Air Compressor For Around My Home?

Typically, consumers' air compressors in residential settings are single-stage models and used to inflate tires and some low-load air tools like staplers. 

Some lesser known but well-documented uses by consumers are cleaning (thing garage, decks), inflating camping beds, pool toys using a modified nozzle, and even painting the exterior of a home. 

The list is very low for uses at this scale, and compressors of this size, doing some research on the internet, returns pages of great ideas to get the most of a device.

What Can I Use My Air Compressor For In An Industrial or Commercial Setting?

Air compressors appear in a vast range of commercial and industrial applications around the world. 

Businesses of all industries use these devices as they are powerful, require low maintenance and reduce project timeframes. 

Air compressors used in a commercial setting segment into three main types; commercial-grade reciprocating compressors, rotary screw air compressors and oil-free scroll air compressors; these three main product areas will help guide understanding of how the compressor is powered and the details around how they work.

Can I clean refrigerator coils with an air compressor?

Cleaning items around the home is an everyday use for air compressors at a direct consumer level. 

Experts often use air compressors to remove dust from refrigerators and clean refrigerator coils. This task best completed after speaking with the manufacturer or stockiest to ensure safety measures are observed before commencing the task.

Can I inflate bike tires with an air compressor?

An air compressor will fill a bike tire exceptionally quickly, so there is a level of safety to observe to ensure safety. One of the essential aspects for consideration when using an air compressor is to always maintain control. 

Due to the size of the volume needed for a tire, a common occurrence is to pump air too quickly and result in tragic results for the bike tube. This task best completed after speaking with the manufacturer or stockiest to ensure safety measures are observed before commencing the task.

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