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High Pressure Washers

High Pressure Washers for Sale

Range of Petrol & Diesel High Pressure Washers – 3000PSI to 4000PSI.

Blue Diamond Machinery has service agents Australia wide and sales and service offices in Perth and Melbourne, enabling us to deliver the right pressure washer to your location. With a range of petrol & diesel high pressure washers from leading brands like Aussie Pumps - you are sure to find a high-pressure washer to meet your requirements at Blue Diamond.

Why Choose Blue Diamond for your next Pressure Washer;

  • Leading Accessories Provider- We Stock a range of pressure washer parts and accessories for our high-pressure washer range. With replacement wands, nozzles, hoses and much more available, Blue Diamond is the one stop shop for all your pressure washer needs.
  • High Performance Driven- Blue Diamond’s range of high pressure washers – 3,000PSI to 4000PSI, are powered by powerful and robust engines with large fuel tanks for longer run times. With their higher power output, our pressure washers can handle almost any job you throw at them.
  • Leading Brand Models- We stock a range of reputable brands– as a platinum Aussie Pumps distributor, we stock a range of high-quality Aussie Pump models. As well as boasting reliable engines in our models, from brands like Honda.
  • Extended Warranties- Blue Diamond offers a 1 year no-fuss warranty on all high-pressure washer models, with extended warranties available on some models.

Blue Diamond Machinery supply a range of high-pressure washers to professionals in the field in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Australia wide.

How to Choose the Right Pressure Washer?

Selecting a pressure washer with all the right capabilities for your needs is extremely important.

How much pressure (PSI) do I need?- Lower PSI (pounds per square inch) models are more applicable for general use like cleaning your driveway or car. With the higher PSI models being well suited for heavier commercial applications; like cleaning greasy industrial spaces, floors and machinery.

What Size Pressure Washer do I need?- for commercial, construction, industrial or any other heavy-duty work, a pressure washer of 3500 PSI or higher will suffice. However, for home and light use, a 3000PSI or lower model will generally have all the power you require. Blue Diamond only stocks high powered and high-quality pressure cleaners of 3000PSI and above, so you can be sure that our pressure washers are designed to handle almost any job you throw at them – big or small.

Petrol or Diesel Drive Pressure Washer?- Petrol models are excellent for high power output requirements where the user needs to have the freedom to move around. Diesel pressure washers are generally more fuel efficient in comparison with their petrol pressure washer counterparts and are often the obvious choice for businesses who rely on diesel to run most of their other power equipment e.g. tractors, excavators & other machinery.

If you are unsure of what type of high-pressure washer is right for you, make sure to speak to our expert team to get a solution tailored to your requirements.


It's important to ensure you select the right high pressure washer for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 936 025

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