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Submersible Pumps

Grundfos Submersible Pumps

The Grundfos SQ submersible pumps offer a wide performance range, making it easy to find a model that will suit your individual needs. This range is the only one on the market that has been designed to guarantee a reliable water supply at all times.

The submersible pump range is compact allowing the pumps to be installed in difficult places. With their built-in electronics, SQ pumps are also very easy to install and operate. Plus, they are equipped with permanent magnet motors to ensure these flexible and compact pumps offer excellent efficiency levels – they will supply pump heads up to 200 m. If you require a constant water supply, the SQE pumps can easily be connected to the Grundfos CU 301 control box, reducing time spent on setup and maintenance.

The SQ/SQE pumps are suitable for both continuous and intermittent operation for a wide range of applications:

  • Ground water supply – private housing, small waterworks, small irrigation systems
  • Liquid transfer in tanks
  • Pressure boosting
  • Environmental applications – remedial pumping or sampling
  • Garages and petrol stations

With Grunfos’s comprehensive protection features, the submersible pump range is ideal for farmers and engineers who need a customized solution that meets Australian compliance and safety standards.

If you require a Grundfos pump, call us today on 1300 998 647.

Blue Diamond Machinery’s qualified on-site engineers are available to provide customized submersible pump solutions for your needs. We stock a large range of Grundfos products on our retail premises, as well as spare parts for all our equipment, which is backed by our comprehensive 24/7 guarantee. Unlike other businesses, Blue Diamond has an in-house workshop where our expert technicians provide mechanical support for all the products we sell.

If you’re looking to learn more about the Grundfos submersible pump range, the Blue Diamond Machinery team is the only business you’ll need to call.