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Net Zero Equipment

Powering a Cleaner Future.

Zero-Emission Power Equipment for a Net 0 Future

Australia’s mining & construction industries play an integral role in helping Australia reach its commitment of net 0 carbon emissions by 2050. However, these industries will still need reliable off-grid power well into the future as they move away from traditional diesel offerings.

After servicing Australia’s mining & construction industries for over a decade, we know better than most that power is critical the success of any mine or construction site. To help transition to a net 0 future, Blue Diamond Machinery is an exclusive national distributor of some of the world's leading zero-emission power equipment.

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A Variety of Solutions – Customised to Meet Your Sites Needs

We believe there will need to be a variety of solutions available to achieve the goal of Net 0 by 2050 – particularly in relation to reducing carbon emissions from powering construction and mining sites. Blue Diamond aims to be at the forefront of these power solutions with a range of products that can be utilised either standalone, or easily packaged with diesel generators for a robust & reliable hybrid power source.

  • Hybrid Generators / Hybrid Power Systems
  • Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
  • Hydrogen Powered Generators
  • Solar Lighting Towers
  • Solar Water Pumps
  • Electric Site Transport Vehicles

Our Denyo-powered hybrid power systems provide uninterrupted grid-like power, reducing carbon emissions within a compact design paired with noise-reducing mechanics. Our range of solar water pumps and solar pumps provide a durable, cost-effective, and low maintenance solution for remote locations without access to electricity. Our solar light towers offer a powerful and energy-efficient solution for a range of trade, rental, and industrial applications. Similarly, our hydrogen generators offer an innovative solution as an alternative engine to produce stable electricity without pollution or CO2 emissions.

24/7 Servicing & Support, Australia Wide

As with all our industry leading equipment ranges, we are extremely confident in the quality of our Net Zero Equipment range. Which is why we offer 24/7 Australia wide support and Industry leading warranties.

With major operations in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane, you will always have access to leading servicing and support – ensuring your operation stays running, always.

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Your Partner in Powering a Cleaner Future

By partnering with Blue Diamond, we will help you reduce your site's emissions without compromising on power, efficiency or reliability. We are ready to support your energy transition and help you implement new technologies and fuel alternatives into your energy mix.

With years of industry experience servicing Australia’s mining & construction industries, you can rely on us to provide expert advice and a hybrid power solution that is tailored to meet your sites unique requirements. Get in touch with our team today.

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