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Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers

Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers for Sale

Australia’s Leading Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler Supplier

Our mobile evaporative air coolers offer an easy way to cool temperatures. Blue Diamond Machinery’s mobile evaporative air coolers offer a convenient, portable option for cooling down temperatures when required. 

Blue Diamond Machinery has an expert team available to assist and guide you into making the right choice for your air cooling requirements. We supply mobile evaporative air coolers Australia-wide, from Melbourne and Perth, to Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. 

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It's important to ensure you select the right mobile evaporative air cooler for your needs. So, if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647.

Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler FAQs

What Is a Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler?

A mobile evaporative air cooler is a portable air conditioner that uses the water evaporation process to cool the surrounding area. The evaporation process is automated by drawing dry air into the fan and across installed cooling pads, evaporating the water and expelling cool air.

Why Choose a Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler?

Mobile evaporative air coolers provide an eco-friendly, healthier, and more economical option compared to refrigerated air conditioners, using less energy and lowering your overall carbon footprint. Requiring a fan and a water pump to run, mobile evaporative air coolers require less energy and electricity, allowing for a decent saving on utilities. Evaporative air coolers are also known to be great for reducing the amount of allergens in the air and improving overall air quality.

Do Evaporative Air Coolers Work in High Humidity?

Evaporative coolers rely on dry, hot air, and are known to be less effective in humid conditions. Because of the higher level of moisture in the air, humidity disrupts the evaporation process and can cause damage to the cooling pads if overused in humid climates. Because of this, if humidity levels exceed 50%, evaporative air coolers will not be effective in cooling down overall temperatures.

How Do Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers Work?

Water evaporates by turning from a liquid into a gas, when this occurs, the highest energy particles will leave the water first, resulting in a drop in overall temperature. To achieve this, mobile evaporative air coolers cools temperature using a fan, cooling pads, and a water tank. They will draw in hot, dry air, allowing it to flow across cooling pads absorbed by water. When this occurs, the surface water molecules will evaporate, resulting in a drop in temperature, expelling cool air. Because mobile evaporative air coolers only require water to run, they are energy efficient and have a lower carbon footprint, reducing overall utility expenses.

What is the Difference Between Evaporative Air Coolers and Air Conditioners?

Air conditioners use a compressor to press liquid refrigerant to extract heat out of the air using a chemical process. This means a higher amount of cost and electricity to run. Air conditioners are also commonly installed and often work on a dual cycle, allowing for both cool and hot air to be expelled. A mobile evaporative air cooler automates the evaporation process using a fan, cooling pad, and water reservoir. The fan will draw in air and flow over the cooling pads which absorb the water from the reservoir. When the air flows across the cooling pads, the water molecules will evaporate, expelling cooler air. Mobile evaporative air coolers offer a more sustainable, energy efficient option for cooling temperatures in any given space, making it a cost-effective option while lowering your carbon footprint.

Where to Buy Mobile Evaporative Air Coolers

Blue Diamond offers high quality mobile evaporative air coolers to cool down temperatures across commercial, industrial, mining and workshops spaces and the home. With over 30 years of industry experience, Blue Diamond offers a 12 month no fuss warranty, an expert sales team and a specialised team of mechanics to assist with any servicing and repair.

Do You Offer Warranties, Servicing and Support?

We are confident in our mobile evaporative air cooler range, which is why we offer 24/7 Australia wide generator servicing and support across all our mobile evaporative air cooler brands. Our mobile evaporative air coolers also come with generous warranties for your peace of mind. Blue Diamond Machinery supply evaporative air coolers Australia-wide, from Melbourne, Perth locations, to Sydney, Brisbane & Adelaide, wherever you are located, we can assist. Blue Diamond Machinery has evaporative air cooler service agents Australia wide.