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88 CFM (FAD)Donaldson Air Dryer & Filter Package

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88CFM Donaldson Air Dryer and Filter Package

Compressed air is an indispensable source of operating and processing power in all areas of industrial production. The compressed air is generated by raising the pressure of large volumes of ambient air. Usually this air contains harmful substances, such as moisture or dirt particles. The water vapour condenses and can lead to operational breakdowns and considerable but avoidable costs. To prevent downtime's you need a Donaldson Buran dryer package to prevent production downtime's. It ensures air is clean, dry and oil free.

  • Blue Diamonds Professional Series Range of Air Accessories are unbeatable value and a backed by a 12 Month Warranty.
  • High Quality Air Compressor accessories.
  • Quality Equipment doesn't need to cost a fortune.
  • German Made!

Key Features

  • Up to 88 CFM (FAD) Compressor
  • Includes Pre and Post Filter
  • Aluminium heat exchanger 
  • Hotgas bypass control with easy handling
  • High overload capacity
  • Potential free alarm system
  • Electronic level controlled condensate drain
  • Compact and user friendly
  • Installation is made easy by having all controls on one side.


We can ship direct to you Australia wide. Alternatively, you can pick up from one of our sales offices located in Perth or Melbourne.


It's important to ensure you select the right spare parts or accessories for your needs. So if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647

Why Buy From Blue Diamond?

  • Australian Owned and Operated
  • Wholesale Direct Pricing – no Middleman
  • Experienced and Qualified Team
  • Fully Equipped Mechanical Workshop
  • Fully Stocked Spare Parts
  • No Fuss 12 Month Warranty
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