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Portable Generators

Portable Generators- Petrol & Diesel

Blue Diamond is a leading dealer of portable generators in Perth and Australia wide, with national-wide service agents. Offering a wide range of Generators for sale designed to meet the needs of Trade, Mining, Builders, Farming and Residential.

  • Home Portable Generators-petrol and diesel portable generators are perfect as a backup generator around the house.
  • Trade & Industrial Portable Generators- our trade series of portable generators 6.5KVA to 9.5KVA offer reliable, durable with the necessary power for demanding work.
  • Generator with Silenced Canopy-protective cover, which makes the generator secure, safe and sound proof as well.

View Range of Portable Inverter Generators- brands include Yamaha Inverter Generators- quiet, small and light. Designed for camping, caravan, rv and household emergency power and more.

Portable Generators for Sale

Our range of petrol and diesel portable generators are perfect for around the house, trade and industrial use- small, portable, silent.

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