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Rotary Screw G 30 Compressor- 40HP, 183CFM, 123PSI

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Atlas Copco’s Rotary Screw G 30 Compressor- 40HP, 183CFM, 123PSI

The G 30 simply check all the boxes; Quiet, Efficient, Powerful, Reliable. Atlas Copco’s oil-injected rotary screw G compressors are the powerful and reliable industrial screw compressors for small and medium sized industries.

Blue Diamond Machinery are an Authorised Dealer in Australia for Atlas Copco’s Compressors.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple Design- Low initial investment with Atlas Copco quality and service
  • Easy to install- Very limited installation cost
  • Elektronikon Controller- No risk or element reverse failure (integrated phase sequency relay), Easy to get compressor operation status (pictograms display)
  • W-fin cooler- Keep lower oil temp in dusty environment and easy to clean (no arrest of dusty in harsh/dusty environment)
  • Spin-on oil filters- Quick maintenance and good protection for element (with integrated bypass valve)
  • All around access- Low maintenance cost (easy and quick to maintain)

Technical Specifications

Model G30P

Pressure Variant  8.5

Max. working Pressure

  • Bar(e)   8.5
  • Psi          123

Capacity FAD*

  • l/s           86.4
  • m3/min                5.18
  • cfm        183

Installed motor power

  • kW         30
  • hp           40

Noise Level**

  • dB(A)    72

Weight (kg/lbs)

  • Pack Floor           674/1486
  • Pack Tank            NA
  • FF Tank                NA


  • Length mm         1300
  • Width mm           870
  • Height mm          1630

NA: Not Available

*Unit performance measured according to ISO 1217, Annex C, latest edition

**Mean sound level according to ISO2151, tolerance 3 dB(A)


We can ship via weight just enter your postcode when your checking out- Australia Wide. Alternatively you can specify your own freight company. Or Pick up from our Perth Office

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It's important to ensure you select the right air compressor for your needs. So if you have any questions or need some help please do not hesitate to call us on 1300 998 647

Blue Diamond Machinery also provides comprehensive range of air compressor servicing, preventative maintenance and compressor repair services across Perth, WA. With over 25 years of experience servicing all types of compressors our service team ensure minimum downtime, quality and reliability on all compressor service and repair work.

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