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AIRMAN Diesel Generators 13KVA - 600KVA

Airman Diesel Generators

Blue Diamond Machinery is an authorised distributor for Airman Generators Perth and Australia wide, manufactured by Hokuetsu in Japan since 1938. Airman diesel generators are built for customers who demand the best. 

  • Xtreme Reliability– designed engineered and manufactured for use in rental, construction and mining.
  • Xtreme Efficiency- premium Japanese engines such as Kubota and Isuzu
  • Xtreme Performance– Maintenance Free brushless Alternator and minimal soundwave distortion.
  • Xtreme Mobility –Exceptionally compact and lightweight
  • Xtreme Protection – All Weather construction to eliminate rain penetration.
  • Xtreme Environmental awareness – Ultra Quiet (60 DB at 1 M range!)
  • Xtreme Back Up –supported by 12 month International Warranties plus Blue Diamond also operates a mechanical workshop and has mobile field support.

airman generator range- authorised distrobutor

Range of Airman Diesel Generators for Sale

Authorised distributor for Airman Generators, built for customers who demand the best- 13KVA to 600KVA. Compact and super silent generators.

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